The Need to Succeed!

As many of you may know, I recently went to Florida to go visit my mother and my sisters. Prior to purchasing the ticket, I did not have a desire to go to visit. I initially logged on to Southwest to buy a ticket to Denver.  Although I partially grew up in Florida, I do not feel that it has anything to offer me. This is why I do not visit often. However, I felt the needed to go not knowing why. When I saw the price of the ticket, I definitely knew that this was divine guidance. So there I was, punching in my credit card info to confirm my trip. Little did I know, this trip would speak volumes to my soul. image.png
Being in Florida for a weekend gave me a sense of knowing what I was created for. It made me remember my love for writing and being a content creator. In that small amount of time, I relearned so much about myself. I also realized how much I missed my family.  I recorded the first episode of my Youtube channel with them. This was important for me to do considering the fact that they are the reason why I work so hard.
When I was younger, my mother would always tell me that I was not like everyone else.  I could not understand what she meant by that. Now that I am older, I get where she is coming from. My life path and soul urge is to create and to help people while doing so. At times, it becomes frustrated due to the amount of effort that goes into creating. I worry about my content being relatable, and if people would like it. As a content creator, I am putting themselves out there to be judged by the world. This allows people to be able to talk about what they do or don’t like about me and my content. It is nerve-wracking. As I begin to create more, I gain more courage to just put things out there.
I also felt that I was given strength while being on this trip. I have to succeed in my craft because I want to be an example to my family. I want them to know that they can do things that are outside the box. As humans, we are afraid to take risks. We worry so much about the unknown. Over time, I have learned that when we are able to let go of fear, we will never fail. This is one of the main reasons I quit my 9-5. I realized that working for someone does not guarantee you anything but additional stress. I want my sisters and mom to look and me, as motivation to follow their dreams. Not only am I doing this for them, but I am doing this for everyone who is scared to follow the unknown. I want them timage.pngo know that I am rooting for them.
Many times I think about what life would have been like if I would have stayed in Florida. As I have gotten older, I realize that my life is not about playing safe. It is all about taking risks. I have seen parts of the United States that I never dreamed of seeing before. I have lived in the most beautiful cities.  As frustrated as I was at the times, I thank God for having my mom drop me off in South Carolina. It changed me as a person, and how I view the world.
My ultimate goal is to win. I plan on doing this by any means necessary. I have to get out there and chase my dreams not only for me but for those who cannot chaise theirs. I want to host Thanksgiving dinners at my place. I want to be able to fly my mother and sisters out to wherever I am living. I want to travel the world and live my best life. Those are my ultimate goals. To wrap up what I am saying, I needed to see them as motivation to keep pushing. When I win, we all win. I did not grow up in a home with a silver spoon.  However, those struggles helped me to get to where I am now. They are the reason why I work so hard now. They are the reason why I do not wish to work so hard, and still not making ends meet.
The point I am trying to make is the importance of going back to where you begin to see how far you have come. At one point, I feel that I became satisfied with being normal and the normalities of life. I was content with not doing any of the things that I enjoy because of the money that I was making. Then I realized that money really does not solve all of your problems. Having money and not enjoying what you are doing is miserable.
So I challenge you to dig deep down to the core and find out what it isimage.png that you enjoy doing. I also challenge you to think about what you to think about how your family has shaped who you are today. It will help to answer a lot of questions as to why you do the things that you do. For those that do not have a family, I challenge you to do this with the friends you grew up with. That is also important as well.

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