Seats…You Better Have Several


These days, it is very common for everyone to want to be on the go. Everyone wants to be seen as being busy. Many people praise individual for not resting and even call them successful. I am pretty sure that you know someone or have said this phrase yourself, “That boy/girl is always hustling.” Rick Ross even had a song about hustling that was on the top charts.  Being productive and working hard is a good thing. I will applaud anyone who is doing what they need to do in order to survive. However, there are times where you need to rest. Our bodies are like machines; Once it is overused, it will shut down. This can be a physical or even a mental shut down. Did you know that a lack of sleep goes hand and hand with depression? It can also cause other things such as weight gain which can cause someone to have a lack of

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Did you know that a lack of sleep goes hand and hand with depression? Sleep is one of the most important things that we do on a daily basis. Our body uses that time to repair and heal itself. That cannot be done if you are not resting. Going without rest can cause other issues such as weight gain which can trigger high blood pressure, and diabetes. If you are not resting properly, your body cannot send messages to your brain about the things you are eating. This is how many people, find themselves in drive-thrus late at night. You are allowing your brain to be manipulated into eating food items that were created in science labs to “taste good”. Weight gain does not only affect someone’s physical health, but it also affects your mental health. Gaining too much weight in a short period of time can cause someone to have a lack of self-love. If you have followed my blog from the beginning, one thing that I talk about all the time is the importance of self-love. If you do not have that, the material things that you work really hard to get are nothing but shields to cover up how you really feel about yourself.

giphyNow I know some of you are probably saying to yourself, “Well I cannot rest if I want to to survive.” I understand the importance of that. In fact, I had to pick up a second job in order to pay for all of my expenses and put myself through school. I understand that the struggle is real. However, you cannot make yourself a slave to the workforce. You have to stand your ground when it comes to getting a day of rest. Growing up, I remember my mother always saying this,”These jobs do not care anything about you. They will work you to death, and then when they are done, they will hire someone else the next following week to fill your spot.” Now we all know that this is true. As much as I love the company I work for, I know that if I could not work anymore, they are not going to reserve the office in memoriam of me. There will be a new person in there who would add a different touch to the office, and my things will be sitting in a box waiting for someone to pick it up.

Growing up in a house with a Black mother, I remember her saying this one phrase, “You better sit cho a** down.” Now as a child, you knew that your parent was serious when they said sit cho and not sit your. Our bodies tell us the same thing. Whenever you feel overworked, that is your body telling you to sit cho a** down. Just like a parent, your body is warning you that if you do not get it together, there will be repercussions. Now in the child-parent interaction, that was the warning before you got popped. In the self to body interaction, your body is about to discipline you, forcing you to sit. The worst thing for you to do is to force your body to discipline itself. I compare this to a form of self-abuse. It is so easy to see people hurting their body with drugs or by cutting themselves, but it is not as easy to identify someone destroying their body by working too much. Becoming ill due to being overworked is serious. That is why I applaud managers and companies who encourage their employees to take breaks and time away from the job. No matter how good the pay is, you should NEVER let it money consume your ability to become fully happy.


When I lived in Houston, I worked for this company in which I made great money. As a matter of fact, my hourly, as well as my bonuses, were more than the majority of my colleagues. However, I was not happy. I worked 6-7 days out of the week and was getting calls/texts even on my day off. I was mentally, and physically tired. I was going through so much at the time, and could not properly process anything because I was constantly at work having to deal with the problems there. I started to become very irritated to the point that it affected my personal life as well. I knew something had to change. When I started asking for time off, I was told that I deserved the time off and that everything I was asking for could be accommodated. After I was told that, I noticed a shift in the energy from the company. I was no longer looked at as an asset, but more so of a hindrance. A couple of weeks later, I was fired and told, “It’s just not working out.” Although I should have been upset, I was happy. I was finally able to stand my ground in how I was treated, and most of all rest.


As I continue on this journey of life, I am noticing that you have to set some boundaries when it comes to your health and the overall state of mind. It is okay to be tired. That does not mean that you are lazy, it just means that you need to rest. Life is all about balance. You should have at least one day to where you do not do anything. You will drive yourself crazy if you do not take some time to create a peace of mind. Do not become so useful to others that you become useless to yourself. One of the biggest things that we as humans must learn to do is let go. We have to learn when it is important to give our time to something, and when it is time to just to chill. If you do not remember anything else from this blog, remember this, Sometimes not doing anything is doing more than if you were doing something.

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