You Are What You Eat…Literally!!



As we began the new year, many of us have started with a plan on how to lose weight. It seems as if during the holidays, we throw away all of her nutrition goals and start to gain weight. Then, we began the new year with a dozen resolutions on how we are going to lose weight.  About half way through the year, (sometimes even sooner than that) we forget about our resolutions and start back eating the same things. I never understood why we do that. One of my friends once said to me, “Each day begins a new year.” Why do we wait until January 1st to come up with an unrealistic diet plan that we are not going to follow?

I recently read a blog titled, “Daniel Fast Survival Guide.” Knowing a little about the Daniel Fast, I decided to see what it consists of. After doing all of my research, I found that what most would consider challenging seemed therapeutic to me. As a couple of my friends began to embark their journey, I considered doing it myself. The fast reminded me of a raw vegan diet for 21 days.  After taking some times out for a couple of days,  I asked myself “Why do you want to do the fast?” The only thing that came to me was to feel healthier. I understood the concept that fasting is a sacrifice to God, but there were other things that I could sacrifice instead. Then I asked myself, “What would you do after the fast?” That is when a lightbulb went off in my head. If I began this fast, I would be going back to my unhealthy eating habits 21 days later.

I knew I had to do something to make better decisions. I also needed to do something that I would stick too after the fast. After much research, I decided that I was going to be a vegetarian for a month. This would allow me to remove meat out of my life, but introduce it back to my body whenever I am ready. This commitment was more realistic than before. With all of the substitutions for meat, it is not hard to replace it with something else. After all, isn’t that what tofu is for?

Many people do not realize the mental effects of eating unhealthy. Not only can an off-balance diet cause obesity but it can also cause you to become irritable from a lack of nutrients. Have you heard the old saying “Everything that glitters is not gold”? Well the same goes with what you eat. Whenever we decide to toxic our body, we are adding depression and continual illnesses to our lives. Everything that is satisfying to your mind is not healthy for your body. You cannot eat anything that you want, and function as your full self.

Right before I moved to Charlotte, I weighed more than I  could have imagined in my life. Not only was I dealing with depression at the time, but I was also dealing with self-love. My body was breaking down, and there was nothing I could do by continuing the same lifestyle. I noticed that I was becoming ill more often with little things like the common cold. I was always sleepy, and did not have any energy. This caused me to become short-tempered with everything. After work, I did not have the strength to do my homework for school, causing me to become completely unfocused. Right before I moved to Houston, I changed my diet completely and started eating more at home. Drive troughs no longer were my best friend. Not only did my mood change, but my performance at work became better.


Have you ever went to a McDonald’s, and the employee at the window makes you so mad it ruins your day? You may have taken it out on your coworker or a family member, and just cannot remember  what caused you to act that way. Well the answer is simple. ENERGY TRANSFERS! As we all know, majority fast food restaurants have the worst customer service. They are also killing us with their “1% meat and the rest chemicals” recipe. Why would you want to receive negative energy from someone who is cooking your food that really does not want to be there when you can cook at home? You are spending tons of money to kill yourself slowly.  You can start to enrich your body with nutrients for the same amount of money.

As a Black male in America, I often think about why we feel the need to eat Soul Food.  I am not bashing soul food, because I know that I have had my share. However, many of us do not know the history of Soul Food? Our ancestors created soul food because they were not able to eat the healthy nutritious things their Slave owners were eating. So they took the scraps and made the best meal they could make. At the time, the slave owners did not care what their slaves ate. Today is a new age, we are no longer bound by the order of anyone. Why continue to eat things we know that causes high blood pressure and diabetes to grow rapidly in our community?

As a person who is in the process of becoming wiser in their decisions making with food, I am not criticizing you. However, I am trying to enlighten you. I want you to understand that you are killing your mind, body, and spirit. Control starts with you. You have to be ready to make that decisions and see the need for change. The food you eat today, can be the difference between a cancer diagnosis tomorrow.


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