Operating In Sexual Witchcraft


passionateAs a blogger of Mental Health, sex is a topic that I was always scared to touch on. Because it is  a large platform through audio and visual media, I did not know how to talk about it from a mental perspective. Now I know that when you read the title, you probably thought to yourself, “This negro has lost his mind.” Mentioning witchcraft (especially in the Black community)  would make individuals assume that you are apart of Satan. Many individuals operate in witchcraft everyday, and do not realize it. Deceiving  and manipulating people to get what you want is a form of witchcraft. You are tapping into a dangerous realm for the good of yourself and not the good of others.

As we all know, sex is apart of our activity on this earth.  Almost everyone will indulge in some type of sexual behavior in their lifetime. What is the point of sex? Many would argue that the purpose is to reproduce, which is correct. However, sex goes beyond the reproduction stage. It is the process of connecting two people physically to go into another dimension that is only meant to be between them. It is when we reach climax that we come out of that sexual trans state, and back to ourselves.

Have you ever realized that individuals who are very promiscuous, seem to have a lot of  deep-rooted issues? It is because they are connecting with people, and going into realms beyond the physical. These individuals are connecting with people spiritually that they should have never had connections with. Each time you connect with someone sexually, you are taking on all of their problems as well. Take a moment, and think of your sexual partners. Have you ever connected with someone who suffered from depression, and all of a sudden you were going through phases of depression? It seemed as if it just came out of the nowhere. This is because you took on spiritual traits when you connected physically with someone. They are feeding off of your energy to be happy, and you did not even know it.

Another way that we develop in sexual witchcraft is by making love to people we were never supposed to be intimate. This cause us to emotionally trap individuals. Have you ever seen someone who can have sex with an individual once, and the other person is still hooked on them years later? Let us make this a little more personal. Have you ever been around someone who you have nothing in common with besides sex? The person goals and perspective out of life is opposite from yours. However, you feel that you cannot leave, because the sex is Amazing. All of us have been in that space before. We do not know anything about this individual, but they have us “whipped” by what they can do in bed. It is now beyond the sex, because you have opened up a spiritual attachment with this individual.


I remember when i was about 19 maybe 20, i developed an alter ego for myself. I named him as well. I will not tell you his name because that person does not live inside of me anymore. This alter ego is what I used to build my confidence up. Because I was prideful and full of myself, I did things and treated people certain ways because of my alter ego.

I would make people like me that I had saw no future with. I got a boost of confidence hearing my phone vibrate and waking up to my phone going off multiple times. This need to feel wanted caused me more heartbreak than happiness. The more hearts i broke, the more i became a mental mess. I was attaching and giving out negative energy into a realm I knew nothing about.

It was not until recently I realized all of the damage I had done. Not only did I hurt myself, but I hurt others as well. We as humans tend to forget that karma works both ways. Karma does not always come in the same hurt that you gave out. It may hit you physically, financially, or any other way that would truly hurt you. If you give out positive energy, you will get back positive energy. If you give out negative energy, you will get back just as much negativity, if not harder.

Now I am in a place to where i am only Devante. I have found my inner me, and do not have to rely on sex as a way to boost my confidence or feel more than what I am. I have stepped into my happiness as it is our natural birth right to be free. Now it is your time to take a look back, and start seeing how sex has impacted your life. Have you been operating in sexual spells, and do not realize it? Take back your body and your idea of sex. It is what will hold you together. redefine what sex means to you, and do not let anyone take advantage of it.





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