Getting Back To You



Whenever a sudden life change happens, it is sometimes hard to bounce back into place. We can feel like life is not what we thought it would be. This can cause many people to have a negative outlook or even become depressed. Everything is not easy to bounce back from. Once we do bounce back, it seems as if we are stronger than before. The name of the game is to not let life defeat you. Everyone on Earth has a purpose. I am going to tell you a couple steps you can take to not let life get you down.

The first step to getting back to you is giving yourself time to heal. Growing up, I remember falling and scraping my knee many times. When the skin was first torn from my knee, I would be in so much pain. After washing off the scar and putting a bandaid on it, I noticed that it healed within a week or two. Imagine your mental health being the same way. The sidewalk is the life change, and the scar on your knee is the emotional state. Although it may stop bleeding in a couple minutes, you have to give it time to heal. When people are looking at your situation, it may be easy for them to tell you to get over it. However, you have to give yourself adequate enough time to mourn so that way you will not continue dwelling on something you cannot change.

The second part to getting back to you deals with how you perceive a situation. Your perception of something determines the outcome. If you cannot see a bright side to your situation, then you will not have a positive outcome. You have to change your mind. The mind is such a powerful thing, because we can create things that do not exist. The mind can also diminish things that we need in order to have a positive outlook on things as well.  If you believe that things will get better, you will start to see a change and a shift in the atmosphere. Believe in yourself. If no one else believes in you, your situation will change because you had enough esteem to know that you will change.

The final part to getting back to you is consistency. If you believe things will change, you have to be consistent with your decision. Do not become weary when things do not come happen the first time. One of my favorite things to say is “If it is not a struggle, then it is not worth fighting for.” Allow for yourself to go through a struggle. Allow for yourself to go on that journey. While you are on that journey, remain consistent with your thoughts. Do not let anything come in between what you believe, and the positive outcome you know will happen.








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