When Fears Become A Reality


Receiving bad news is never a good thing for anyone. It can cause us to fall into a state of depression, or cause some to even consider suicide. One thing that we have to realize is that bad or upsetting news is apart of being on Earth. God did not assure us that everyday would be a blessing. However, we can always turn bad news into a blessing by using it to make a difference.

Death, illnesses, and financial instability are just a couple things that come to mind when I think of bad news. However, it can become deeper than that depending on the issues. Disappoints in life do not come to break up, but instead are supposed to make us stronger. While I was in church this past Sunday, my pastor said, “God does not allow things to happen to break you, but instead stretch you. If you cannot plant in the valley, how do you expect to get to the mountain?” In other words, if you do not go through anything, how do you expect to appreciate your blessings?

As someone who has had one of the roughest years in my life, I can tell you that it is not the end of the world. Things that we go through today, inspires us to be that bigger person tomorrow. One thing that I am learning that I want to pass on to everyone is that it does not take long to encourage someone. Your story may save someone from giving up or taking their life. As humans, we are built in God’s image. If we believe that, then that means that we carry strength just like him.

We cannot continue to let negative energy forces, drive us into insanity. The harder you work on driving focusing on the positive, the better you will feel in all aspects of life. This is the time to be a change, and help someone out. Just remember, your struggle may not be the same as someone else. However, it does not mean that you will not have the wisdom to help them out.


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