Learning to Let Go


When it comes to friendships and relationships, it is sometimes hard to let a person go. It becomes even more difficult when someone has been in your life for a while. No matter who we are, we have all had that one person that we did not want to let go of because of certain reasons. Although this is normal, it is unhealthy and toxic to your life.

It seems to be easier to recognize when a friend or family member is holding on to a relationship that is toxic. However, it is difficult for us to recognize it to be unhealthy for ourselves. The biggest reason why most people hold on to bad relationships and friendships is because of fear. At one time or another, all of us have had the fear of being alone or lonely. The negative effect of that is the reason why some people are in the situations they are in today.


One of the ways to identify if a relationship is toxic to your life is to look at your behavior. If you are mistreating people or giving off negative energy, it is because you have not let go of something that is toxic in your life. Oftentimes, we can hold on to relationships mentally, and not physically. Forgiveness is something that has to be done not only to have peace, but also to detoxify your body of any hurt you may have received from the individual.

Holding on to toxic relationships can also cause you to date different people with the same characteristics. Have you ever wondered why that friend is always being cheated on or disrespected by their significant other? It is because they are mentally dating the person that initially hurt them.


As a friend or family member, it is hard to watch someone go down the wrong path with relationships. However, it is important to not bash them. This can cause an individual to feel as though that is a situation they have to stay in. Sometimes it is even best to love them at a distance. However, it is best to let them figure it out on their own. Remember, we have all been in a situation that we had to grow on.


The best part of letting go is that it is a fresh start. Once you purge yourself of the negativity, you will start seeing changes in your life. However, it all begins with that you. If you are not willing to change or feel rejuvenated, no one can make you.


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